Gather audience opinions using Polls
Polls are a great way to boost engagement during a session. It also allows you to gather valuable information based on the audience's opinion about a particular topic.

Enable polls in a streaming

To activate Polls in a streaming, you just have to go to the Streamings panel, select a streaming and activate the corresponding option:

Manage polls

Polls are managed through the Digital Venue itself. This way, you can view what attendees are seeing and manage the interaction at the same time.
To do this, you simply need to log into the Digital Venue with a user account which has the required management rights.
In other words, you can manage the polls of a streaming if your user account has one of the following roles:
  • Is the platform administrator
  • Is the owner of the event
  • Has co-organiser permissions for the specific event
What will you be able to manage? We explain it below. 😉

Create a new poll

Creating a poll is as simple as clicking on the Create poll button and typing in the question and its options:
When you create a new poll and save it, attendees cannot see it yet; it is unpublished.
The idea is that you can create the polls in advance and have everything ready before the event. Then, when the event is in progress, you only have to worry about publishing the already-created polls.

Publish a poll

You have to publish a poll so that attendees can see it and vote. To do so, you just have to activate the corresponding option.

See poll results

You can see the poll results by clicking on the "See results" button:
The See results button is not visible to event attendees. It is only visible for users with management rights.

Download poll results

You can download reports with the poll results. There are two types of reports:

Report of results

If you just want to export the numerical data from the polls, you can download the results report.
It shows the number of votes received by each option and the corresponding percentage it represents from all attendees who voted.

Report of votes per attendee

If you want to know who voted for each option, you can download the report of votes per attendee.

Edit a poll

If you want to change the poll wording or options, you can edit the poll as long as it is not published and has not received any votes.
If a poll has already received votes, it is not possible to edit it.
Why is it not possible to edit a poll if it has already received votes?
Polls are a way for attendees to express their opinion about certain topics.
If an attendee has already voted, and the Organiser changes the wording of the question or the options, that would nullify the voting process and the results would no longer be accurate.

Delete a poll

You can delete a poll by clicking on the options button and selecting Delete poll:
If you delete a poll, all data will be lost and you will not be able to retrieve or download it later.

Reset poll results

Resetting a poll means that you can delete all logged votes without deleting the poll itself.
This is especially useful for pre-event testing: you publish your polls, you vote, you see that everything works correctly and you reset the results to have the poll ready for the actual event.

Reset the results of a single poll

You can reset the results of a single poll by clicking on the options button and selecting Reset results:

Reset the results of all polls

You can reset the results of all polls by clicking on the options button and selecting Reset all results: