Receive questions from the audience during a streaming (Q&A)
With the Questions and Answers (Q&A) feature, attendees can send their questions to the speakers and vote for the ones they find most interesting.
As an Organiser, you can now communicate the most voted questions to the speakers with ease.

Enable Q&A in a streaming

To activate the Q&A section in a streaming, you just have to go to the Streamings panel, select a streaming and activate the corresponding option:

Manage questions

The questions are managed through the Digital Venue itself. This way, you can view what the attendees are seeing and manage the interaction at the same time.
To do this, you simply need to log into the Digital Venue with a user account which has the required management rights.
In other words, you can manage the Q&A of a streaming if your user account has one of the following roles:
  • Is the platform administrator
  • Is the owner of the event
  • Has co-organiser permissions for the specific event
What will you be able to manage? We will explain it below. 😉

Moderate incoming questions

If you want to have more control over the questions submitted by attendees, you can activate the moderation.
This way, you can review the questions before they are visible to the audience and make sure that you curate the content or avoid inappropriate messages.

Enable moderation

To activate moderation, go to Content > Streamings > Interaction and select the corresponding option:
When an attendee submits a question, it will be pending moderation. As the Organiser, you can then approve or dismiss it.
Event attendees will only see the questions you have approved.

Approve or dismiss questions

The questions are moderated from the Digital Venue itself. Just go to the corresponding streaming and select the Waiting for review questions.
Below each question you have the buttons to approve or dismiss it.

Restore dismissed questions

If you discard questions but later change your mind, you can recover them by going to the Dismissed section and clicking on the Restore button.
The restored questions will be listed as Waiting for review again.

Delete questions

If you wish to do so, you can also delete the questions you receive from the audience. You can delete a single question, or all of them at once.
When you delete questions, you lose them forever and the data cannot be recovered at a later time.

Delete one question

To delete a single question, just click on the options for that question and select Delete question:

Delete all questions

If you want to delete all questions from the streaming, simply click on the options icon and select Delete all questions:
This is especially useful if you are running pre-event tests to see how the Q&A works, and you want to erase all test questions.

Download questions

If you want to process all the questions asked by the audience at a later stage, you can download a report with all the questions received during a streaming: