React with emojis during a streaming
Nowadays, almost everyone is active on social networks and we are used to "reacting" to videos or publications.
We have incorporated the same concept for the Digital Venue so, from now on, attendees will be able to express their mood by reacting with emojis while watching the livestreaming. 🎉

Enable reactions in a streaming

To activate the reactions in a streaming, just go to the Streamings panel, enter into a streaming and activate the corresponding option.

Send reactions during a streaming

When reactions are active, you will see a bar with emojis below the video. Reacting is as easy as clicking on the emoji that best expresses your feelings.
Reactions from other attendees appear in the bottom left corner of the video:


Currently, there are some limitations that should be highlighted:
  • Reactions are only visible to people using a computer. Those who are using mobile devices will not have the possibility to react and see the reactions of other attendees.
  • We do not store data related to the reactions of any attendee. For the time being, the reactions only serve to boost participation in the sessions and to promote interaction.
  • We have limited the visualisation of consecutive reactions from other users to avoid excessive spamming. For example, if an attendee reacts 10 times in one second, the reaction will only be shown once.